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Установка и настройка Project Server and Share Point Server 2007 (часть 14).

И снова о проджект сервере…

Creating an Instance of Project Server 2007

If the SharePoint Central Administration website isn’t already open, select Start > Administrative Tools > SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration, then click the SharedServices1 link in the left-hand Quick Launch menu:

On the Shared Services Administration: SharedServices1 Home page, click the Project Web Access Sites link, located below the Project Server heading:

On the Manage Project Web Access Sites page, click the Create Project Web Access Site toolbar button:

On the Create Project Web Access Site page, enter the following information, then click the OK button:

Project Web Access Site Locations:

SharePoint Web Application to host Project Web Access: SharePoint – 80

Project Web Access path: PWA

Administrator account: SERVERNAME\Administrator (VPC02\Administrator, in this case)

Primary Database:

Primary database server: SERVERNAME (VPC02, in this case)

Published database name: ProjectServer_Published

Draft database name: ProjectServer_Draft

Archive database name: ProjectServer_Archive

Reporting Database:

Use the primary database server: Yes

Reporting database name: ProjectServer_Reporting

After the Project Web Access site settings have been saved, the Manage Project Web Access Sites page will be displayed, and the Status of the http://vpc02/PWA site should be set to Waiting for Resources:

Allow several minutes for the Project Web Access site creation to complete, then click the Refresh Status toolbar button; after the creation has completed, the Status of the http://vpc02/PWA site should be set to Provisioned. Click on the http://vpc02/PWA link to open the new Project Web Access site:

The new Project Web Access site should open in the browser window:

You should now have a fully-functional instance of Project Server 2007, including a Project Web Access site.

Продолжение следует…

Всем удачи!

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