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Установка и настройка Project Server and Share Point Server 2007 (часть 18).

Installing Warm-up Scripts

Download the warm-up scripts:


Download URL:

 Copy the file onto the C: drive of the VPC image:

Extract the file to create the folder C:\warmup containing three files:




Open the startup.bat file with a plain text editor such as Windows Notepad, and update these four lines:

call WarmUpServer SERVERNAME

call WarmUpServer SERVERNAME:5555

call WarmUpServer SERVERNAME:1111/ssp/admin

 In this example, the four lines should read:

 call WarmUpServer vpc02

call WarmUpServer vpc02:5555

call WarmUpServer vpc02:1111/ssp/admin

Right-click on the startup.bat file, then select Send to > Desktop (create shortcut):

Return to the Windows desktop, right-click on the new Shortcut to startup.bat icon, and select Properties from the drop-down list:

Under the General tab of the Shortcut to startup.bat Properties dialog box, enter Warm-Up for the new name of the shortcut:

Under the Shortcut tab of the Shortcut to startup.bat Properties dialog box, click the Change Icon button:

When the Change Icon alert message is displayed, click the OK button:

In the Change Icon dialog box, select an appropriate icon for the new desktop shortcut, then click the OK button:

Click the OK button to close the Shortcut to startup.bat Properties dialog box:

To run the warm-up scripts after boot-up, simply double-click on the new Warm-Up desktop icon:

A command window will open for the execution of the warm-up scripts, and the scripts may take a few minutes to run, depending upon the performance of your virtual machine; when they are finished, the command window will close automatically:

You should now have a fully-functional set of warm-up scripts installed in your virtual machine, and a shortcut on your virtual machine’s desktop to launch the script after booting.

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