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Подготовка к экзамену CCNA. Практические задания.

Краткосрочная командировка закончилась, пришло время продолжить подготовку.

Implementation SIM.


You have been hired by PC Consultants Incorporated to document the layout of the network. Complete the following tasks:
Complete the network topology shown in the graphic by dragging the labels below with the appropriate router types, interface types and IP addresses to the graphic. Find the information you need by using the router console attached to the Home router.

Answer and Explanation:

First we have to find out the types of these routers to place them in correct positions by using show cdp neighbors command on HOME router:

There are 3 columns we should pay more attention to:

+ Local Intrfce (Local Interface): the interface on the device you are using “show cdp neighbors” command. In this case it is the interface of HOME router

+ Platform: the platform of neighbor device

+ Port ID: the neighbor device’s port or interface which links to the HOME router

From the exhibit, the “Local Interface”, “Platform” and “Port ID” columns, we can identify where these four routers should be placed and their corresponding associated ports

Finally, we need to identify the IP addresses of four interfaces on neighboring routers using show running-config command:

And we can easily assign corresponding ip addresses to four neighbor routers, which are on the same network with HOME router’s interfaces

Please remember in the real CCNA Exam the routers’ types, ip addresses and interfaces may be different! So make sure you understand how it works!

Всем удачи!

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